The Wine Lover’s Guide to Coffee

We are living in the golden age of coffee. And as the caffeinated elixir continues to evolve at a breakneck pace, it’s looking a lot like the wine world—from the sheer number of styles and the importance of terroir to how aromas and flavors are described. Thankfully, you know a lot about wine. Here’s how to apply that knowledge to your daily grind. 


Wine can be divided into Old World and New World. Here are coffee’s three basic regions and a flavor profile for each.

The Americas

• Sweet and mild
• Bright and balanced
• Often fruity, with spicy highlights

Africa/Saudi Arabia

• Pungent, wild and spicy
• The most acidic, but least bitter
• Often with fruit notes and moderate sweetness

Pacific Islands

• Big chocolate and cinnamon aromas
• Dark, nutty and smoky
• Thick, often with an almost syrupy texture