The world’s first gin-themed spa opens in Glasgow

Gin lovers who are planning a trip to Scotland should put The Gin Spa in Glasgow on their list of things to do. Here, guests can sip on gin cocktails while being pampered by a number of “gin inspired” spa treatments.

Unlike the USA’s first Beer Spa, none of the features at The Gin Spa actually include the drink in them. Rather, the facials, massages, and manicures use products that are inspired by gin, with aromatics and oils that invoke its essence. As a bonus, every package and most of the spa features include a complimentary gin & tonic or other gin drink.

According to their website, “Gin Spa is the very first botanically inspired day spa in the world, and offers visitors a truly unique experience right in the stylish Merchant City area of Glasgow.” And considering the spa was founded by the team who created Gin71 in 2014, you can guarantee the gin is delicious.