The world`s first hand-drip Green Tea shop opens in Japan

A minimalistic tea shop that focuses solely on hand-dripped tea brewing methods has opened in Tokyo.

Located in the Sangen-Jaya neighbourhood, Tokyo Saryo offers visitors  the world’s first hand-dripped tea service. The location of the shop is ideal, as Jaya in English means “tea house”.

Much like a hand-dripped cup of coffee, the proprietors have developed a beautiful apparatus that is filled with tea leaves. Hot water is poured over the leaves and drips through the ceramic barrel and into a cup.

The nine-seater tea room offers single, origin teas from around the country and would like to challenge the tea industry in Japan by “offering variety as opposed to shop-bought blended teas that are purchased wholesale.”

tea shop tokyo e1485158538483 The world`s first hand drip Green Tea shop opens in Japan

For 1300 yen ($12) you get to compare two different varieties of green tea. The service  is superior to green tea made in a pot because it achieves the optimal balance between water temperature and extraction rate. Accordingly, they’ve developed a method that strikes the perfect balance between sweetness and bitterness.

Pay Tokyo Saryo a visit and you’re guaranteed to learn more about green tea than you thought you needed to know.