The World`s Heaviest Avocado Weighs In At 2.37 kg

Guinness World Records America confirmed that this enormous avocado found by Pamela Wang of Hawaii is the heaviest avocado in the world.

Wang found the 5-pound-3.6-ounce (2.37kg) green fruit on a walk through South Kona.

“I have received letters and phone calls from people I had not seen in many years who saw my face in their local newspapers anywhere from Maine to Montana,” she told us. “I have hosted foreign exchange students for years now, and I heard from so many of them around the world.”

Wang thinks that her find will bring a lot of attention to the annual avocado festival in Kona.

“I think there’s going to be a lot more interest than usual this year. I suspect a lot of people are going to be looking for a heavier avocado too, because there probably is a bigger avocado out there,” she added.

As for how the world’s heaviest avocado tasted?

“This avocado was delicious,” Wang said. “And just for the record, I rarely make guacamole. I usually serve myself avocado steaks with toast or big chunks of avocado with yogurt and granola. For me, a delicious avocado doesn’t really need anything added.”

Hawaii is home to a few record-breakingly gigantic food items. The world’s heaviest soursop, mango, and jackfruit have all been located on the islands. Love big or even extreme cuisine exploits? Check out these 19 record-breaking food feats.