The World`s Largest Brandy Markets

Brandy is continuing to shrug its dusty after-dinner image while at the same time maintaining a traditional following, but which are the spirit’s largest markets?

It seems as if brandy and coke drinkings in South Africa are on a decline when you take a look at this list compiled by The Spirits Business. Based on data by Euromonitor International, South Africa is one of the top 5 Tequila and Mezcal markets in the world, but this time around the country did not crack the list.

While older generation drinkers, from Germany to Brazil, remain loyal to brandy,the category is also shifting towards younger generation drinkers inspired by famous hip hop stars who plug their favourite tipple in chart-topping songs.

The Spirits Business recently reported the world’s largest Cognac markets, but this latest installment looks at the wider brandy category (including Armagnac), and assesses its performance across the world.

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