The World’s Most Expensive Places To Get A Drink

How fun would it be to be a spendthrift even just for a day? When your financial shackles come loose and your dreams of ‘living the dream’ come true, there are many places that money could take you. If you are curious where that is, where the one-percenters go to play, here is the scoop.

The costliest places on Earth for a glass of wine and a pint of beer.

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv’s mesmerizing architecture and cleaner-than-clean beaches beckon. There are many spots to let loose in the city, and for a new millionaire, there should be nothing to complain about regarding the cost of drinks here.

Call your friends and tell them you are buying tonight. A single bottle of wine goes at $27.60, while beer is about half that price. 

Analysts talk about how these prices jump sky high every New Year, so don’t be surprised if things are even much costlier when you get there. But one thing’s for sure; when you are in Tel Aviv, you will spend ten times or more on drinks than in London. 


No surprise Geneva features on this list. When all year round the most tourists a city gets are heads of state, everything has to be stately, including prices. Switzerland is one of the countries with the most Michelin start restaurants. A bottle of wine goes at $8.03, while beer is $10.77. 

As a matter of fact, beer and wine are the cheapest in the city when benchmarked against food, accommodation, and other essentials for living. 

Thus in any list of the most expensive cities in the world, you can always bet that Geneva will feature somewhere close to the top. 


Oh, how the Dubai sky gleams with glorious neon lights! A reflection of evolution, this city is home to the tallest, trendiest, and touristy hotspots of the world. Zero Gravity, Secrete Room and Cavalli are some of the most exclusive places to go for a drink in Dubai if your money allows.

Beer costs $11.63 on average while wine at a bar or restaurant is steeper at $74.90. Sure, Dubai is where jets land for the young, rich, and adventurous boys and girls like you. Watch out, though, there are strict regulations about Alcohol in the city. Stick to bars and restaurants with a license. 

Hong Kong

If you are sweltering and perched in Hong Kong, get ready for spending surprises. Beer will cost you $8.36, while a bottle of good quality table wine will cost you $26.53. That’s about five times the cost of wine in Barcelona and other European cities. 

Hong Kong follows in the trend of other cities in Asia where the cost of living is higher than most other places on the globe. If you happen to go there, take your party to the beach areas of Saiwan and West Kowloon, where there are hippest clubs with a more cosmopolitan vibe. 

New York

The Big Apple! Wine and beer will cost you a pretty penny here too. An average brew is capped at $8.07, and wine goes at $15 per glass. 

The wealthiest New Yorkers have no qualms with that, and if you join the league, then you should be hunting for the most expensive places to dine and wine in the empire state.

Forbes made a detailed list of the costliest places to wine and dine in New York. It features the Monarch Rooftop Bar and Indoor Lounge, The Back Room, Rose Bar at Gramercy Park Hotel, The Campbell Bar, and others. You can grab that for your itinerary the day when you are eager to splurge. 


“No romance with no finance.” The City of Love is one of the costliest places on Earth for a drink. Beer will cost you $8.15 while a bottle of table wine goes at around $11.42. If you bring a date with an expensive taste, get ready to pay for more. 

Remember that binge drinking is not a thing in Paris, so keep it “classy and cool.”

Wondering which are the most expensive places in Paris to add to your bucket list? Try the La Tour De’Argent in the 15th District. You will find a bottle from as far back as 1845. The Bel Canto, Le Taillevent, and the Le Pre Catalan are the other places to check out for an ‘incroyable’ dining experience.


For a quality glass of wine in Copenhagen, get ready to part with $12.75 for the experience. Copenhagen features in the list of most of the expensive places to live on Earth, and the wine prices there reflect that status. Beer is a lot cheaper, though, going at $ 4.50. 

Can money buy you happiness? Maybe no, but it feels incredibly good to sip on an expensive and great-tasting drink.