The Reason Why Mcdonald`s Coca-cola Tastes Better Than The Rest

I’m so excited by this revelation, because there’s finally a basis for something I, and probably a lot of you already thought. I’ve sworn on my life that Coca-Cola tastes better at McDonald’s, but I never knew how to explain it. I just knew it was.

As it turns out, there’s actually a legitimate argument to that claim as McDonald’s Coke is arguably fresher and colder than most places.

Apparently the secret to McDonald’s addictive Coke lies in its temperature, storage, and water filtration, according to Spoon University.

It all starts during the delivery stage, where the soda is transported in stainless steel containers, instead of plastic bags, like other restaurants do. Putting them in steel containers helps preserve its fresh taste.

McDonald’s also keeps its Coke cold by using an insulated tube that extends from the back of the refrigerator all the way to the dispenser. The tube has cold water constantly running through it, which helps keep the soda temperature just above freezing, and the CO2 levels at their peak, making sure the carbonation lasts longer.

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