There`s a Yard Fight Between These Two Cape Town Eateries

The recently launched ‘concept store-cum-bistro-bar’ The Yard, situated in the Silo District in Cape Town, has been shamed on social media for brazenly ‘copying’ The YARD, a popular hipster hang-out and home to the Dog’s Bollocks and The Bitches Tits.

The founders of The YARD, a Cape Town favourite that’s been in business for over 6 years and situated a mere 3,5 kilometers from the new bistro, took to social media to express their dismay with the following extract from owner Nigel Wood personal facebook profile:

I am a tenacious and very proud brand owner and my staff and I have worked our “bollocks” off day and night to build YARD in Cape Town and …will NOT .. let any unethical and unprofessional chancers attempt to damage the reputation and brand equity that all my hard working staff members have built up over the past 6 years … I WILL fight for our rights … by hook, by crook and … with embarrassment if necessary.

Things escalated when Mr Wood commented on The Yard Cape Town’s facebook profile image:

The Yard Cape Town has not responded to any of the angry comments on their facebook page (to date).

Today, Mr Wood released a heartfelt statement on social media:


Be sure to read full post from original YARD, as it hits home in many aspects.