These Bizarre Bars Serves Up Drinks With A Side Of Weirdness

Hitting up clubs and bars over the weekend is a usual occurrence and serves as a much-needed break for those looking to shake off the stress of a busy work week. However, the average club or bar often becomes dull after a few visits and after a while, they all start blending together.

For those looking to spice up their routine or give their weekend a makeover, the world is full of bars that are sure to keep you thoroughly entertained, boozed up, and most likely slightly creeped out.

Here are seven watering holes from across the globe serving up cocktails with a side snack of weirdness.

The Vibe Bar in Tokyo

The Vibe Wild One boasts a selection of over 300 sex toys to be explored while you knock back cocktails. Insertion isn’t allowed on the premises (thankfully), but once you walk through the vagina-shaped doorway and pay the cover charge you can fondle and inspect the dildos for two kinky hours. If you find one you like you can buy it and take it home.

Disaster Café in Lloret de Mar

Hold on tight because, at the Disaster Café, located in Spain, every meal comes with an earthquake. The ground level is an alien-themed restaurant for kids, decorated like a spaceship and offers shows featuring wacky aliens for the little ones. For the grown-ups, an elevator takes thrill-seeking customers to “the depths of the Earth”, where they’re seated in a cave-like restaurant. The staff all wear construction helmets and other safety equipment and food is served in very heavy dishes. All you can do is try to keep your balance and hope drinks don’t get spilt.

Creepy’s in Portland

If clowns are not your thing and IT is your worst nightmare, then best you avoid Creepy’s. The clown-themed bar is filled with eerie portraits and animatronic dolls that stare down at you as you drink. Most of the decor comes from the owners’ personal collections. As for the food, Creepy’s has a fairly simple menu, taking cues from dive bars across America.

Dalu Robot in Jinan

Located in eastern China, Dalu Robot was the first of its kind in the country and opened in 2010. More than a dozen robots act as the wait staff and move around the restaurant on a conveyor belt-like system, similar to Wall-E.  Loaded with motion sensors, it will stop when objects or people are in its path. Patrons can then take food and drink from the robot’s tray, or put empty plates on it. Some robots also have a manual override function to provide for cases when they become unruly. The entire kitchen, though, is staffed by human chefs. These days, you will find a couple of robotic restaurants across the globe.

Iron Fairies in Bangkok

Dark and mystically decorated, Iron Fairies in Bangkok is a magical bar that is designed like an Ironsmith’s workshop. Bottles of fairy dust are stacked in rows, and everywhere you look you could chance upon little iron figurines of the winged creatures that give the bar its name. An excellent selection of signature cocktails is on offer and the limited food menu is famed across the city for one thing: Burgers.

Croft Institute in Melbourne


Kitted out with items salvaged from a de-commissioned hospital, Croft offers a clinical approach to partying. The Croft Institute spans three floors, each with a unique décor theme. The downstairs bar serves elixirs to cure almost anything a day can throw at you – and there are hospital beds in the bathrooms. Peruse the beakers and Bunsen burners as you sip your ale, boutique wine or cocktail, including the mysterious signature: The Experiment.  If you’re feeling revived, head upstairs to the gym-style bar for DJs.

First Aid Box in London

Much like the name suggests First Aid Box unites surgical instruments and spirits to bring you a cocktail-sipping experience with a difference. Syringe your cocktail into your mouth and take a hit of some cool tailored mixology straight to your veins. At First Aid Box you can expect the freshest infusions to be served in an array of medically themed trinkets.