Thinking Pink

One of the current trends in the wine industry, both locally and internationally, is the re-emergence of dry Rosé as a popular style. Creation’s Whale Pod Spyhopping Rosé is a shining example.

There are several methods of producing Rosé. In the Champagne region of France red and white base wines of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay are blended to make the effervescent Rosés. Rosé can also be produced solely from red grapes by restricting the length of the maceration to a few hours. The juice of most red grapes is clear and so the colour is obtained from the skin. A short maceration will thus result in a light tint and not the deeper red colour of red wines which have undergone maceration for several weeks.

At Creation we use the saignée method. Saignée is French for ‘bleeding’ and refers to the act of drawing free run juice from must which is destined to become red wine, but which has not yet achieved a deep colour. To read further, click here. To order the Whale Pod Spyhopping Rosé, go to our online shop.