This App Uses Your Genes to Tell You What Beer to Drink

You’re at a bar, agonizing over which of the 50-odd beers you should choose. An IPA, something bitter and hoppy, or a straight-up Pilsner?

Bars can be thrilling—the cherished after-work watering holes, where you can imbibe and blow off steam (among other things). But the selection of drink choices can be daunting, now more than ever. Even beer—the go-to basic booze—has become more refined, thanks to the rise and popularity of microbreweries worldwide.

Which is great, but with diversity comes complications. And unless one is a self-appointed beer connoisseur, selecting the right libation can be difficult and sometimes costly. What if there was a way to surpass the anxiety of choosing the right beer and let your tastebuds do the decision-making?

BeerDeCoded may be the solution to easing your pre-hangover drinking woes and possibly even saving you money. Conceived by Gianpaolo Rando, a Swiss-Italian chemist and ardent beer-lover, BeerDeCoded aims to sequence over 100 different beers’ DNA in the hopes of producing a smartphone app that will function like a genetic sommelier—enabling consumers to find the right beer based on their own hereditary makeup.