This Apple Watch accessory tracks how drunk you are

The ability to see  how drunk you are in any given situation could certainly come in handy when it’s time to decide if you’ll be having ‘just one more’ drink.

Instead of having to guess how your last drink is going to effect you in a few hours, Skyn can make estimations of how drunk you will be later so you can better plan your night.

Getting a reading of your blood-alcohol content levels is about to become as easy as glancing at your Apple Watch.

The first-ever wearable alcohol monitor made its debut at CES in Las Vegas this week, giving drinkers a new option for keeping track of whether or not they’re fit to get behind the wheel.

How it works

BACtrack Skyn is a wearable that can act on its own, or with an Apple Watch integration. While wearing Skyn, the system passively tracks your alcohol consumption and provides a remarkably accurate estimate (in near real-time) of just how much you’ve been enjoying yourself. A quick peek at the screen offers actionable blood alcohol content (BAC) data and let’s you know when it’s time to slow down, or call it a night.

BACtrack plans to launch the new sensor during the summer. It will cost $99 making it a non-brainer gift for college kids looking to test their limits, or anyone else that loves imbibing fine ales, wines and spirits.