This bottle of Patron Tequila costs $6,800 and comes in a Lalique crystal decanter

The Montgomery County Department of Liquor Control controls liquor sales in the Maryland county, and that includes the really good stuff.

It apparently does a good job of snooping out rare offerings, and there is a fair amount of demand for it.

An example? The county now has, under lock-and-key, a bottle of Patron tequila that’s priced at $6,799.

But it’s not just any Patron tequila.

It comes in a Lalique crystal decanter, and the special series, “Patron en Lalique: Serie 1,” is an extremely limited run of rare tequila in what must be very fine, French crystal.

“It is so rare. There are only 500 bottles for the whole world. So when we found out it was so rare, we said, ‘Yes, we will take one,’” Diane Wurdeman, at the county’s Department of Liquor Control, told WTOP.

Described as a blend of the oldest and rarest of tequilas hand-selected from Patron’s barrel aging room, it is aged for four years and bottled in a Lalique crystal decanter “inspired by Mexico’s Weber blue agave plant with a bottle stop shaped to represent the heart of the agave, the Pina,” says the brochure.

The individually-numbered decanter comes in a handmade leather case with a leather-bound book and video that documents the Patron collaboration with Lalique.

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