This Celeb-Loved Serum Is Pretty Much Wine for Your Face

Don’t judge me—but I am not a fan of eco-friendly beauty.

There’s no doubt natural ingredients are good for your skin, but, oftentimes, those products lack the consistency and compounds to create and maintain the wear or effect I want. Admittedly, chemicals are A-OK in my book. The stronger the formula, the better—and, frankly, it gives me a bizarre sense of assurance knowing that I paid for something that was formulated by scientists in some far-flung lab (to each their own, right?).

So, when my attention was turned to Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum, I was apprehensive. It didn’t mean much to me that models like Hilary Rhoda have used the gold elixir, it has rave reviews or that it’s currently sold out on goop (the latter almost convinced me)…until, that is, I actually tried it.

Basically, Vintner’s Daughter is magic in a bottle—like wine after a long, horrible day—and is priced as such ($185), but here’s exactly why it’s worth it.

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