This Cocktail Tastes Like A Freshly-Shaven Man

New York City’s Museum of Sex recently opened its own bar called Play, which serves artistic drinks and small plates that are, of course, designed based on the same theme as the museum.

Among the unique drinks that the bar serves is a series of “Exhibited Cocktails,” curated by Emilie Baltz. One of the first in this series is “Paredoila,” a Lickable Skin cocktail created by Dutch artist Bart Hess. The drink is designed to taste like kissing an older man who has just shaved and smoked a cigarette.

In this cocktail, guests are invited to lick a glowing, viscous substance from a black, ribbed porcelain plate designed uniquely for PLAY. The very act transports customers to another world and has them questioning what they’ve seen, tasted, and felt during the experience.

Customers have no choice but to lick the cocktail off the surface of the plate to avoid spilling all of it if they move the plate.

In addition, Play will offer up to 22 “permanent collection” cocktails created by beverage director Jim Kearns. The drinks are priced at $14 each and called names like “Loose Women and Pickpockets” and ” She’s Leaving Home.”

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