This Director Turned Coffee Into A Movie

Coffee is a veritable “thing” now. More than just a prop used to ridicule the younger generation, it’s also something that gets bandied about to sell deodorant or toothpaste or insurance or whatever.

But now coffee is getting the Hollywood treatment. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the new movie Coffee is like Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu’s Oscar-winning Babel, but with… well, you know.

Premiered at last week’s Beijing International Film Festival, Coffee is the sixth feature film from Italian-born director Cristiano Bortone and is a “panoramic snapshot of a globalized world in the grip of cultural and financial turbulence.” The movie follows three stories from different countries that “never formally intersect, but they mirror each other in mood, motif and message.” And are about coffee in some form.

One plot involves an Italian “ninja-level coffee expert” who has to take a “minimum-wage warehouse job, where a motley gang of co-workers tap his inside knowledge to mount a heist” of kopi luwak. The story is ludicrous. I mean, there are actual coffee heists that could be pulled from that would be far more compelling—and not nearly as side-eye inducing–than a super coffee dude being coerced into stealing poop coffee.