This European Country Drinks More Beer Than Anyone Else In The World

If you’re planning a trip where you can drink endless beer and pay less for it than you would for water, your dream destination is to the best beer-drinking location in the world: Prague in the Czech Republic.

According to a survey from Japanese beer brand Kirin, for the 24th consecutive year, the fine folks in the Czech Republic drink the most beer out of anyone in the world, consuming an average of 143.3 liters of beer per person every year. 

Plus, according to a separate survey from Deutsche Bank, Prague is the second cheapest place in the world to drink beer, where a pint of the golden elixir goes for $1.60. 

Last year, the Prague was actually the number one cheapest place for guzzling the amber nectar, but at $1.50 a pint, Manila is this year’s winner. 

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