This Flexible Wine Carrier Is A Must For Travellers Who Love Booze

If you are a wine lover and a frequent traveller, chances are you’ve got a bottle wrapped and stashed in your luggage. Whether you’re bringing home a couple of Napa’s finest from your wineland’s VACAY or you’ve just realized it’s going to cost an arm and a leg for a shot of Tequila at some fancy AF resort, The Vapur® is the item to have when travelling with booze.

Kitted with an easy screw cap and a peekaboo window, Vapur Vintage is built to hold up to one (750ml) bottle of wine or prefered liquor.

The Vapur® is made of BPA-free polyethylene and nylon and designed to withstand everyday use and regular cleaning. It’s also freezable, making it perfect for the beach or picnics in the park.

You can get 2 pounces of Vapur® Vintage Wine Carrier online in red and rose for roughly $19.