This Fridge Automatically Restocks Beers When It’s Running Low

The latest marketing ploy from beer giant Anheuser-Busch is a smart fridge made for offices. Called the Office Bud-e, the fridge can hold 180 beers and will automatically place a delivery order to restock when it senses supply is running low.

Revolutionizing the workplace one refreshing beverage at a time, Anheuser-Busch introduces the latest innovation to hit the food and beverage market – The Office Bud-e. Savvy, smart and fully-stocked with a variety of Anheuser-Busch’s signature beers (up to 180), Office Bud-e is the optimal addition to any office kitchen or common space, rendering classic “beer runs” obsolete. Making national debuts in the trendsetting, quintessential “foodie” cities of New York and Chicago, the Office Bud-e refrigerator is the coolest (literally and figuratively) employee to join the company workforce.

Developed by Anheuser-Busch in conjunction with Buzz Connect, a full service product design and manufacturing company, the Office Bud-e is completely free to lease and comes equipped with the latest tech to ensure the office is ready for any occasion. Boost office morale with weekly happy hours or be ready to host a company holiday party at the drop of a hat – without having to leave for supplies.

Utilizing vending machine-like sensored springs and a simple Wifi connection, the Office Bud-e monitors in real time the quantity of beers in stock at any given time, up to 180 in total. When inventory begins to run low, this smart fridge connects to local delivery services to re-stock the supply, employing the latest innovations in digital tracking. With the option to set up automatic orders or simply send the office manager e-reminders to reorder via the Anheuser-Busch web portal, Office Bud-e seamlessly delivers office luxury with ease.