This homebrew kit promises DIY beer in 24 hours

If you are a beer brewer, you will know that traditional homebrewing takes at least 4 weeks. Thanks to Whym you can now ”build your own beer” in 24 hours! The kit itself only takes 30 minutes to build and the beer is ready to drink the next day.

The unit is very similar to other homebrew kits in which owners pick and choose the beer they wish to make.

All you need to do to create your own cold brew is to follow these 4 easy steps – steeping your grains,  boil and combine the ingredients,  carbonate and enjoy!

WHYM is a single, compact kit that comes in a box the size of a coffee maker and fits in even the smallest of kitchens.

One batch of WHYM beer is 2L–about the size of a six pack–great for low-commitment experimentation and sharing with friends.

The unit costs $79.99 online.