This insanely clever travel mug actually brews your coffee on the go

Imagine a world where you never have to drink instant coffee again. Well that world is a reality, thanks to an inventor from Staffordshire who has created the perfect solution for time-poor caffeine addicts.

Matthew Deasy from Cheadle, Staffordshire used to work for Beanmachines, a Manchester-based company selling coffee-makers to restaurants and cafes.

That is until he became fed up with ‘disgusting’ instant coffee in the morning and decided to create a fast, portable coffee brewer which would brew the best coffee ever.

‘I thought I could do better,’ Deasy told

The Oomph, which costs £39 and comes in four different colours, uses only coffee beans, hot water and a hand pump, and combines all the luxury of a cafetiere with the convenience of a travel mug.

The flask, which according to Oomph’s website, combines ‘the best features of traditional press and modern piston brewing,’ promises to brew your coffee in just under two minutes, and keep your java hot for up to an hour afterwards.

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