This Is The Latest Time Of Day You Can Drink Coffee Without Ruining Your Sleep

Coffee addicts are well aware that, despite the undeniable energy-boosting elements their favourite brew has to offer, caffeine is a drug that affects the entire body’s functionality.

This isn’t to say one cup will send you into overdrive, but excess consumption will ultimately do more harm than good, especially when your last cup of the day interferes with your sleep cycle. The latest time you can drink coffee before bed will ultimately depend on when you’d normally turn in for the night, but experts generally suggest you stay away from caffeine anywhere from six to eight hours prior.

Give yourself six to eight hours without caffeine before bed. If you’re someone who feels your caffeine- sensitive, then aim for 10-12 hours without caffeine before bed, or opt for decaf.

Always go for high-test or organic coffee when possible. This will filter out of your system more efficiently than commercial brands, allowing you to wind down sooner.