This Is The Woman Behind The Best Restaurant In The World

When you’re an editor at a food magazine, an unsettling percentage of your day is spent sifting through pitches from publicists. Whether it’s touting a FurLifter Carpet Rake, alerting you to the second season of Southampton’s hottest fusion Japanese restaurant, or pitching New Zealand’s international wearable art festival (all real), many efforts to alert editors to their clients’ work land far from the mark. And then one from Sarah Rosenberg comes through and it’s so out-there, so personal—one Bon Appétit staffer describes them as being more like notes from a long-lost camp bunkmate—that you can’t not reply. She’s like the un-publicist, which makes her extremely good at her job.

Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that her top client is Eleven Madison Park.

We were curious to find out how someone so unreserved and unrehearsed became the woman behind the World’s Best Restaurant. It turns out her story is as strange as a journalist profiling a publicist. In it are lessons on career-change bravery, the upside of being professionally unprofessional, and answering when the universe has you on speed dial.