This Is The World’s Most Instagrammable Cocktail

Google has used its powers of social media to create a cocktail that it believes to be the most shareable, tapping into the most current cocktail trends.

A team of social media experts analysed 10,000 of the most engaging UK Instagram posts featuring ‘#cocktail’ over the past year. The research was commissioned by Google to mark the release of its Pixel 3 smartphone, according to The Drinks Business.

The hashtags #pink, #neon, #glutenfree and #vegan, were among the most popular and attached to the cocktails most likely to be shared across social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook, while ingredients such as lemon, elderflower and smoke were also key drivers to get people snapping and sharing.

The results showed 43% of the top posts tagged #gin over any other spirit and that #flowers made up nearly a quarter (24%) of the top flavours tagged.

Armed with these findings, mixologist Matt Hollidge was tasked with creating the UK’s most shareable cocktail.

The Not Pink Drink was made with a blend of 50ml gin (e.g. Bombay Sapphire) or Seedlip Spice, 20ml elderflower liqueur (e.g. St-Germain) or elderflower cordial, 1 tbsp butterfly pea flowers, juice of half a lemon, a dash of orange blossom water and 100ml Indian tonic water.

It’s garnished with a “wide angle” selfie skewer, adorned with pink macaroons and viola petals

Some of the more unusual optional extras if you want to achieve even more likes included the use of a night sight UV light, with 14% of posts analysed featuring the #neon tag, which makes the tonic water glow when placed under ultra violet light.

Posting a picture of this cocktail composition at 2pm on a Friday will result in an irresistibly shareable cocktail, apparently.