This Little House Nestled In The Vineyards At Creation Wines Will Make You Feel Like The Only Person In The World

Creation Wines in the Hemel-en-Aarde valley has long been a favourite destination for its exceptional wines and innovative and creative food pairings. Now, with the recent completion of the self-catering “Voormanshuis” you can enjoy the serenity of spending a night there in the vineyards.

The architecture is modern, encasing the whole structure in thin wooden strips. This gives it a deceptive outside appearance; inside it’s light and airy with surprisingly unhindered views of the surroundings. The vertical line motif is carried throughout the interior – for example on the bathroom mirror in the form of lights, the zebra pouffe, and on the bed linen and towels. Incidentally, this is one of the rare occasions I’ve encountered manchester that is not exclusively pristine white and it was a refreshing change, giving the place a homelier feel – especially for someone like me who is not yet adult enough to have her own white sheets.