This Man Will Eat Anything The People Of The Internet Ask Him To

There are quite a few ways to achieve virality. Eating anything the internet asks you to is just one simple way of doing it.

Ben Rosen, a user on online community Reddit, came across a dude who chows down whatever you request and asked him if he could film it.

Posting in a thread, Ben started with a video of the man, named Eric, eating a string cheese. It then got weird, as you would expect on a Reddit forum.

As he was wearing the same blue shirt in all 126 videos, we presume that Eric ate all these things in just one day. He was ordered to eat a pack, a piece, a slice, or a bowl full of stuff. Some of it seemed quite straightforward – Oreos, pizza, apples…

But because the internet gets enjoyment out of weird and wacky things, not all of the requests were for standard edibles (bin bags and paper towels). Other edibles were just things you wouldn’t eat on their own like salt, uncooked spaghetti, and even one poor (live) goldfish.

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