This phone case turns your smartphone into a portable Espresso maker

There will always be times in the day when you are in desperate need of a caffeine boost, yet no where near the closest café. And for these times, mokase have comprised the answer to your caffeine-deprived prayers, in the shape of a phone case that converts your smartphone into an on-the-go espresso maker.

Using a simple system of a disposable insert in which the houses the coffee, and an app that heats it up on demand, the mokase pours out an espresso made by your smartphone.

The case measures less than 1cm in thinkness, it’s completely waterproof and insulates the coffee when brewed. Through a side slit in the mokase, the ‘mokaromi’ cartridge is inserted. The coffee—sealed within a vacuum on the inside of the cartridge—is freed when inserted into the phone, as the ‘spout’ breaks the membrane of the vacuum allowing the drink to exit.

The coffee is heated on demand within the spout of the coffee maker. Using alluminum-sillicone alloy resistors, the case concentrates heat to warm the beverage in 5-8 seconds, whilst insulating the rest of your smartphone from the warmth. powered by a lithium battery, the device is able to heat up 25 ml of coffee in one go, and can be recharged via a USB cable.