This South African Distillery Just Created The Strongest Gin In The World

Only 11 days ago Scottish distillery, Twin River Distillery, unveiled the world’s strongest gin. The Naked Gun ‘Uncut’ Edition, of which only 101 bottles were made, grabbed the headlines with it’s 77% alcohol content, but its reign will be short lived.

On Monday, 26 February, Cape Town base distillery, Pienaar & Son, will release their Drought Edition Gin at 80% alcohol.

If you’re not aware, Cape Town is currently facing a massive water shortage that could see the city’s taps run dry by June 2018. With water saving on everyone’s lips, Pienaar & Son decided to conserve some H2O by not diluting their gin to its normal 43% alcohol, but in steady keeping it at a stiff 80% and in the process save around 200 litres of water per batch.

Next Monday (26th Feb) we get to launch something we have been thinking about and working on for quite some time.-Gin…

Gepostet von Pienaar & Son Distilling Co. am Dienstag, 20. Februar 2018

Although Cape Town experienced a gin revival over the last couple of years, with distilleries popping up faster than you can say “Juniper”, to date Pienaar & Son is the only distillery to open in Cape Town’s central business district.

The tiny distillery already won over locals with their botanical infused Empire and Orient gin, but now set its sights on become the king of the single shot G&T.