This South African is attempting to survive a month in Cape Town without buying his food

How far do your food challenges go? Jan Laubscher from the site, Drinksfeed, is taking on an unusual experiment.

Article by: Tessa Purdon from

I’m pretty sure that most people have, at one point or another, tested themselves by engaging in a food or drink related challenge. I was pretty pathetic and lasted a mere two days on my ‘no coffee challenge’ (my acupuncturist had emphasized how caffeine negatively affects one’s cortisol levels).

I’m a bit reluctant to cut out major food groups and I certainly wouldn’t have the willpower to do what my colleague, Stefni did and cut out sugar for two weeks (heaven knows how she coped without chocolate?!).

Then, you get to something of a ‘master level’ challenge that my friend Jan Laubscher is undertaking. He has challenged himself not to spend any money on food for the month of November (yes – the entire 30 days) eating and drinking ONLY items that he has grown himself or foraged within his environment. He lives in the middle of Cape Town’s bustling CBD so it’s not like he can milk his own cows for his morning coffee.

He appears to be taking it pretty seriously and has launched a daily vlog on YouTube where he’ll be sharing updates on how things are going.