This Tea brand is launching a plastic-free tea bag made from bananas

One of the UK’s biggest tea brands is launching a plastic-free tea bag, instead switching to a new material made from bananas.

As the UK becomes increasingly aware of the damage that plastic is causing to the planet, more and more of us are looking for ways to cut down on single-use and that includes the type of tea bags we’re using.

This is because a number of leading tea brands use polypropylene, a sealing plastic, to fasten the tea bags and ensure that they hold their shape.

To tackle the problem, Clipper Teas has developed a new product designed specifically to help cut down on plastic pollution; a plastic-free, unbleached and non-GM (genetically modified) tea bag, which it claims to be a world first.

The company announced that, as of 20 October, it has moved all production to a new type of tea bag that, instead of the plastic polypropylene seal, will use natural plant-based materials.

The tea bags will be made using a blend of abaca, which is made from a species of banana plant, and a biopolymer made from a non-GM plant material known as PLA.