This Vending Machine Taps Perfect Beers Within 7 Seconds

You are at a festival and feel like having a cold beer. But at the bar, you see crowds of people queuing up to place their orders. After 15 minutes, you have a beer, or rather a plastic cup with mostly foam. There has got to be a better way, right? Finally there is!

Three students in the Netherlands have developed a vending machine that taps a lot of perfect beers very quickly. The Bierport machine was developed with football matches and festivals in mind.

The creators ideal scenario: You walk up to the Bierport vending machine and enter the number of beers you want on a display. Then you scan your ID card and pay contactless. The machine gets to work putting a tray of perfectly tapped beers in front of you. Within seven seconds you have your drink and you can go back to partying.

 “The equipment has to be manufacturable. During the development process, we already looked at whether we could actually make the product. To do so, we made use of existing technologies. We then combined these to achieve the best result,” says co-founder Jan Bots.

“We took our first design, a wooden model, to the PSV football club about a year ago,” says Müller. “They were interested right away, despite the corona crisis.”

There is now a working model that is almost ready for production on a larger scale. The men have knocked on the doors of large breweries with this, and these beer giants have also responded enthusiastically.

Bierport is now a real company and the students have even managed to attract commercial expertise to get their plans off the ground.