This Watermelon Ice Cream Sandwich Is The Only Thing You Need For Summer

A summer picnic or barbeque is nothing without some watermelon, right? Although watermelon is known for being mainly water and sugar, it has a lot of great health benefits too. It’s great for hydration and your urinary tract – two things we are very in tune with during the summer months.

A famous pastry chef in Tokyo has put a whole new scoop on the fruity summer treat by creating his very own vision of summer watermelon. If you can’t make it to Tokyo, you may try to recreate on your own. Though I can’t promise it will be up to par with the pastry chef, Dominique Ansel’s watermelon ice cream sandwich. He is, after all, a dessert prodigy who once brought us the famous cronut (croissant donut).

This handcrafted “What-a-Melon Soft Serve” is served up in a juicy watermelon from Italy. Now, most watermelons have those annoying seeds we always end up spitting out. Chef Dominique Ansel has replaced all the actual seeds with chocolate seeds. If that weren’t enough flare for your watermelon ice cream sandwich, then they also serve it with a whole bottle of sea salt to sprinkle on the watermelon and soft serve. Can you imagine biting into this ice cold refreshing, sweet and savoury treat on a hot summer’s day? We can’t!