This Wine Bottle doubles up as a Sex Toy

If you and your lover are both adventurous in bed, skip the trip to the novelty store and grab yourself a bottle of Wine for Lovers.

Bacchanal claims to be the first bottle of wine in the world that does not cause a vacuum when inserted for intimacy.

“There is nothing more sensual than sharing a bottle of good wine such as Bacchanal. But, with Bacchanal, your pleasure does not end when you finish the bottle. Thanks to the unique Tapoutsystem® at the bottom the bottle, when inserted for erotic stimulation, the bottle does not cause a vacuum….You should drink and use Bacchanal sparingly, and at your own risk.” 

To top this, the bottle is meant to be sold alongside a purple adult toy in wine shops or sex stores.

Wine is often associated with romance, but there are few brands as bold as Bacchanal.

There are several ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day or an anniversary…and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t throw a sex toy into the mix, right?