Those Happy, Hectic Days of Harvest

When recently asked why he returned to Creation for a second harvest, German intern Max Fredrich’s spontaneous reply was that “at Creation the mood is always good”!

Creation’s Carolyn Martin confirms that harvest is a happy, but also a hectic time. “Having commenced in January with the early picking of our Chardonnay for the Elation Méthode Cap Classique, the 2019 harvest is now in. Following the Chardonnay our industrious harvest team moved on to pick the Pinot Noir and after that the Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon and Viognier. They recently brought in the Syrah and the Merlot and Grenache were the last to be harvested.”

Expressing her thanks to the vineyard and cellar teams Carolyn says: “We are proud of our inspired crews and wish to thank each and everyone for the hard work, the dedication, the admirable teamwork and the valuable input the vineyard team was out in the vineyards every day for the last two months! The art of winemaking however begins long before the first grapes are harvested or the first barrels filled. It begins with the land itself, the spirit of which lives on in every bottle. For the 2019 vintage we have been blessed with rains at the right time, cooling breezes from the nearby Atlantic when needed, and all in all near-perfect conditions. Our ultimate thanks therefore go to Mother Nature.”