Thoughts from the winemakers at Fairview

Harvest was early this year, earliest in 40 years in South Africa! So on top of an early wake up call, the grapes rushed in at top speed as the heat gained momentum on the Cape over February and March.

Now that our winemakers are “out of the vineyards” for 2015 vintage, they can take the time to get back into their routine while contemplating the new ferments in barrel and tank. So, what do Anthony, Adele, Annette and Stephanie take home after harvest to relax?

All have a particular affection for Nurok and Caldera. It makes sense, as these two complex blends are our most transparent representatives of the style of wine which can be produced on our South-facing Paarl slope where Fairview farm is situated. Nurok’s finely tuned Viognier-driven blend, from SA’s Mother block, and Caldera’s elegant Grenache-based blend are perfect “in-between” season wines, sipped as we watch the leaves change colour.

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