Tiktok User Shares Hack For Squeezing All The Juice Out Of A Lemon

TikTok is home to a number hacks – from how to curl your hair with a dressing gown belt to a nifty way to remove bugs from your strawberries.

But it seems there’s a new trick doing the rounds. A user has shown a simple-yet-effective way to juice a lemon – without all the mess that the task usually entails. Nutritionist Jacqui Baihn showed her followers how to ensure all the juice comes out in one swift motion – simply by using a skewer.

In the video, she can be seen piercing the end of a lemon with a long skewer and showing the tiny hole to the camera. Afterwards, she squeezes the fruit ensuring the hole is pointing down into her cup. The lemon juice can be seen spurting out through the hole, neatly into the cup.

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