Top 10 moments in Tequila history

More than any other spirit category, the Tequila industry is laden with mythology and folklore – but which historical events made the sector what it is today?

As with most categories in the industry, the origins of what we now call Bourbon whiskey are hotly debated, and are never likely to be completely ascertained.

What is clear is that a number of world events, including colonial conquests and ground-breaking legislations, have played a part in making the category one of the most diverse and exciting in spirits.

While, similar to Cognac and Tennessee whiskey, there are many restrictions which producers must follow in order to legally call their products Tequila, including only producing it in certain areas of Mexico, the spirits has found an enthusiastic international market which is continuing to expand.

From one of the most significant events in colonial history, to the rise of the Margarita, click through the following pages to discover the top 10 moments in Tequila history.