Top 3 Beers To Drink While Hanging Out With The Guys

All you want to do is hang out with your boys, have some fun and drink good beer. The only obstacle is that there are far too many beers to choose from these days. This means that finding the right brew, for the right occasion, can be a little overwhelming. This is why I compiled a list of the Best Beers to Drink while you are doing cool and fun stuff with your best friends.

BBQ = Hefeweizen

Life seems almost perfect when you’re sitting in the warm sun, with a cold brew in your hand. It’s even better when you get together with your best buds and you throw some ribs, sausage, chicken or burgers on the grill.

When it comes to picking the perfect beer for your BBQ though, things get a little tricky. You want a beer that isn’t too heavy because you’ll be sitting in the sun for hours at a time. This means your BBQ beer has to be refreshing to drink, while still being robust enough to pack a good flavorful punch. But you have to be careful. If your beer is too light, it’ll just taste like water. In that case, you might as well drink a few glasses of aqua and be done with it.

Hefeweizen to the BBQ rescue!

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A well crafted German or American Hefeweizen will satisfy those outdoor taste buds. Both of these brews are commonly referred to as “wheat beers,” because the main ingredient in all Hefeweizens is wheat. They are also made with either German, or American yeasts and malts. The source of the ingredients is the main reason a Hefeweizen is labeled either a German or an American beer.

A good Hefeweizen is yellow in color and has a smooth, sweet flavor to it. These beers contain very little hops, therefore no bitter flavor will be found when you tip one of these back. This makes any Hefeweizen the perfect sun drinking brew, and the perfect compliment to you and your boys outdoor BBQ.

Poker Night = IPA (Indian Pale Ale)

Playing what is commonly referred to as the “gentleman’s game” with your best friends on your home poker table is always fun. With modern technology you can even create your own PokerStars “home games.” This will allow you to play poker with your best buds from anywhere in the world. You can even be in a different country, and still keep playing your regular Tuesday night poker game with the guys.

Poker games can be played for a few hours, or longer. This means you want a “heavier” beer that has some heft to it. This will allow you to feel full quicker, and let you focus all of your mental energy on the game at hand. Indian Pale Ales definitely fit the bill here.

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IPA’s are made with substantially more hops than other beers. A “hop” is simply the flowery part of the plant Humulus Lupulus. Hops give IPA its famously bitter, hefty and light citric flavor profile. The extra hops found in every IPA also gives the beer drinker a “fuller” and “thicker” taste profile. It’s no wonder poker playing and a good IPA go hand in hand!

Football Game = American Amber Ale

Another way to have a blast with your best friends is by watching some football on the tube. Sundays are best for this because the NFL is in full swing on this historic football and beer day. Regardless of what city you are in, there is bound to be a game on TV that you and your crew will want to watch. 

amber ale Top 3 Beers To Drink While Hanging Out With The Guys

Adding some snacks like chips, pretzels or nachos is always a good idea for Sunday game day. What’s great about a good American Amber Ale is that this malty beer, with light caramel undertones…pairs perfectly with any game day snack. This is because the malts in Amber Ales don’t exude an overpowering flavor profile. 

These same malts also give the beer drinker a faint sweet taste, during and after consumption. You and your friends can’t go wrong with a tasty American Amber Ale sitting next to you on game day.