Top 5 Shittiest Whiney Wine Pop Songs

Here’s our top five worst pop songs, which mention wine in the lyrics at least once. I’m sure we can put together a list of thousands, but to be honest I could only muster five. Pour yourself a big one, knock it back and let the ear bleeds begin.


5. Ke$ha – C’Mon

” get-get-gettin rowdy. Feeling like Im a high schooler, Sipping on a warm wine cooler. Hot cause the party dont stop, Im in a crop top like Im workin”


4. Rihanna – What’s My Name

“somethin’, right? ‘Cause I’ve been tryna work it out, oh Good weed, white wine I come alive in the night time Okay, away we go Only thing we have on “


3. Eminem Bagpipes From Baghdad

“Fuckin’ great, man Okay, let me see, how could I begin? Locked in Mariah’s wine cellar, all I had for lunch Was bread, wine, more bread, wine and Cap'”


2. Drake – Marvins Room

“ah i went out I went, i went to a couple of clubs I never went to bed shit wine or water you should see someone about a cold drink I don’t know, i’m d”


1. In The Morning Official Video – J. Cole Feat. Drake

“Uh, baby you winter time cold The night is still young, drink dat dinner wine slow I’m trying to make the goose bumps on your inner thigh show I’ll “