Top 5 Best Value For Money Brandies In The World

When it comes to brandy, producers are upping their game with premium variants and innovative production methods. The Spirits Business held its annual Brandy Masters last month, where an experienced panel of judges recognised the best bottlings in the business.

The judges have given each brandy listed here their seal of approval for offering excellent quality within their respective price categories.

Klipdrift Premium Brandy

Price: £35.38 (US$46.16)

Klipdrift Premium Brandy was awarded a Master medal in the South African blended brandy round.

Ableforth’s Cherry Brandy

Price: £34.95 (US$45.59)

Gold medallist Ableforth’s Cherry Brandy scored highly for its “remarkable balance of sweetness and acidity” in the Fruit Brandies round. The brandy is produced in England and made with real cherries and French brandy.

Joseph Barry VS Cape Brandy

Price: £28 (US$36.53)

A gold medal was bestowed upon the “balanced, tropical” Ladismith Cape Brandy in the South African ­Pot Still Aged 3-9 Years flight. It’s produced by Oude Molen at the Barrydale distillery in South Africa.

Van Ryn’s Single Pot Still Brandy 10 Year Old

Price: £34.84 (US$45.46)

Master medal-winning Van Ryns Single Pot Still Brandy 10 Year Old was praised for its “well balanced acidity” and “amazing integration” of wood. Produced by Distell in South Africa, the brandy is distilled from Chenin Blanc and Colombard grapes

Singani Rujero Colección Privada

Price: £9.50 (US$12.40)

Produced in Bolivia, Singani Rujero Colección Privada is made using only Muscat of Alexandria grapes. It was awarded a Gold medal. If you are looking for a brandy to use in cocktails, look no further.