Touring Bulgaria’s Melnik And South Sakar Wine Regions

If you will be in Bulgaria and you enjoy wine, taking a tour of a wine region is a great day trip or overnight trip option.

Not only is touring a wine region or regions an excellent way to gain access to and taste wines from smaller wineries you might never find otherwise but it will also take you into some beautiful parts of Bulgaria. And who doesn’t like a wine road trip?

The two regions I visited were the Melnik and Struma Valley  and South Sakar wine regions. Melnik and the Struma Valley (they are lumped together as one region) are in the Southwest, only a couple of hours drive from Sofia. South Sakar is in the Southeast and is less than a couple of hours drive from Plovdiv, a tiny charming city that sits atop a recently discovered ancient Roman city. Both Melnik and South Sakar are technically located within the Thracian Valley (a very large region designation in Bulgaria).

These two regions are largely considered to be the two regions producing wines with the most potential and, as both are fairly near major cities you might already be visiting if in Bulgaria, they are well worth seeking out.