Training your wine palate is not just for professional wine tasters and connoisseurs. In fact, all wine drinkers are training their palates everyday just by experiencing different tastes. A trained wine palate simply means that you can recognize the various flavours that you taste in the wines you consume. The more flavours you can successfully identify, the more trained your palate has become. Ultimately your experience with taste is your wine tasting guide.


1.Search the Internet or other resources to obtain a list of flavours common to wine such as black pepper, blackberries, apricots and oak. Write these flavours down in your wine journal.

2.Seek out and purchase a small quantity of each item from your list. Many of the items may be purchased at your local grocery store or specialty mart; however, others may require a trip to a nursery, hardware store or other less conventional store.

3.Taste and smell each of the items you have purchased. Try to recall wines you have previously tasted, which may have had hints or notes of the flavour you are tasting.

4.Repeat this process, adding new items occasionally. This will allow your palate to solidify these tastes.

5.Continue to drink a variety of wine types including wines from different regions and countries. This will allow you numerous opportunities to test your palate against a multitude of flavours.

6.Verbalize your thoughts as you drink different wines. By verbalizing thoughts through dialogue, you may gain further understanding of what you are tasting. You may also record your thoughts in your wine journal.

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