Transport your wines safely and conveniently with Transbottle 6

When you travel to visit vineyards, you’re bound to want to purchase some of the wine you’ve sampled — which leads to the inevitable question: once I buy it, how do I get it home?

If you have just a bottle or two, you can handle things the old-fashioned way – wrap the wine in your clothes but what if you want to bring home a case?

Introducing the Transbottle 6!


But wait, there’s more!


This product is a wonderful investment, where you use it to present wines to a client or even transporting wine on a weekend away. The first shipment is arriving in South Africa this weekend. Currently there are only 25 units of the Transbottle 6 available and can be purchased on a first-come-first-serve bases.

Cost: R1400 per unit.

Order your Transbottle 6 kit today by contacting Colyn Truter on 082 4979670 or email