Travel Guide To Famous Las Vegas Sites

When it comes to Las Vegas, we imagine an endless string of gambling establishments where people work and can play, and some even live there. We know from the films that people go to Las Vegas for a quick and bright wedding, and then they try to get a divorce for a long time. The city of hen parties, bachelor parties, numerous parties, and broken destinies of most gamblers. However, this is not all that he conceals. For now, consider Las Vegas from a different perspective.

Las Vegas Gaming Clubs

     1. Wynn Las Vegas Casino

Wealthy people and at the same time gambling individuals choose, for example, to play at the best casino not on gamstop, where you can see only the cream of society (the jet set). During the day, you can explore all the nooks and crannies of the hotel, which is surrounded by foliage and lotus fountains. In the evening, bright spectacular show programs are organized here.

     2. Cosmopolitan

Hipsters will not have to put up with the vibrant gaming casinos of Las Vegas. They can find like-minded people in the vibrant modern gambling establishment Cosmopolitan. It will appeal to all those who prefer art and design.

     3. Bellagio

Bellagio turns out to be beyond the traditional concept of a gaming club or hotel. Travellers are attracted by the excellent infrastructure in the casino, the famous dancing fountains that you definitely cannot miss, the conservatory and botanical gardens that adorn the gaming club.

What entertainment is available in Las Vegas?

     1. Quick wedding

Las Vegas is hard to imagine without wedding fevers. You can always find a couple who would like to rent a red Cadillac and get married in some Vegas chapel. The organizers of any wedding ceremony provide an extensive selection of priests and conduct online broadcasts of various events for family and friends. The entire wedding package costs about $ 2500.

You can order a cheap (for about $ 100) off-site ceremony: a wedding van will go to you and you will be quickly signed.

     2. Helicopter flight over Vegas

A helicopter flight over Vegas can give you a vivid view of the city’s vastness.

     3. Fremont Walking Alley


The Fremont Street Experience is a pedestrian shopping mall. The arched canopy of the large shopping center serves as a stage for a light and music show every night. The guests do not cease to feel dizzy from the surround sounds and immense screens.

     4.Container fleet

The Downtown Container Park, made from shipping containers, contains many shops. Guests can wander around to find promising designer jobs in precious handicrafts and apparel. There are many author’s eateries and art installations here.

     5. Racing attraction

Dream Racing is the widest selection of sports vehicles in Las Vegas. This is a special opportunity to get behind the wheel of Lamborghini, Ferrari, or Porsche.

     6. Monster Truck Racing

Each March, Monster Jam World Finals can field over 30 large trucks for battle. Drivers can come from all over the world to battle for the coveted world title.

     7. Festival “Life is Beautiful”

In a three-day extravaganza, the city center is in an all-consuming celebration of music, art, and food. Here you can watch a variety of performances from the following bands: Muse, Gorillaz, and Blink-182 listen to the suggestive conversations of the lecturers and be imbued with the Art Motel art installation.

     8. Ice cream with liquid nitrogen

In Las Vegas, you can try liquid nitrogen ice cream. Cafe Crescendo Ice Cream owns a special recipe for this dessert and assures that it is completely safe to eat. Judging by the crowds of people who accumulate at this cafe, their ice cream is really very tasty

     9. Floyd Lam Park

Floyd Lamb Park is a huge wildlife oasis that is filled with different vegetation. This is an extraordinary place that goes against the norms of Sin City. Once there was a cattle farm, and in the 40s it became a farm-hotel, where they teach horse riding.

     10. Mafia Museum

The Mob Museum is dedicated to high-profile investigations and shows trials. Here you can learn about the history of organized crime in the United States and see the instruments of crime, various evidence, and even a courtroom.

And also you can find yourself on an individual virtual tour: remotely controlled with the help of a robot, you can examine all the exhibits in detail and ask questions to your own personal guide.