Trend toward “healthy” beer has some raising eyebrows

Is there such a thing as “healthy” beer? Not really, the experts say. But that hasn’t stopped some breweries from trying to market some products as natural, fresh or “better” for you.

The idea of a healthier beer choice has gained traction in recent years, CBS2 Iowa reports.

“People are now trying to understand how to integrate beer into a healthy lifestyle,” Andy Joynt, head brewer at Big Grove Brewery in Iowa City, told the station.

For Joynt, it’s the ingredients in a beer that make it more or less healthy. At Big Grove, ingredients are freshly sourced and immediately used to create a beer that can be on a consumer’s table just a couple of hours after it was finished. It hasn’t traveled or sat in a case somewhere, thus maintaining components that are important to a good beer.

“Beer in its natural state is a living thing. It retains some of the yeast which is a healthy component of beer and I think it’s a healthier form of beer when it’s brewed local and stays fresh,” Joynt said.

Most of the beer Big Grove serves is less than 30 days old, CBS2 reports. That allows it to retain many of its living components. Fresh beer is also ideal for taste, say beer aficionados.

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