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Folding disposable coffee cup has no need for plastic lids

The convenience plastic offers through single-use straws, water bottles and disposable coffee cups comes at no small cost to the environment, but we are growing more aware of the damage they cause. And with that awareness comes new eco-conscious products that can help us chip away at the problem. The Unocup is a simple yet clever example, using a paper folding design to give coffee drinkers a takeout option without the need for a plastic lid.


Stella Artois Is The New Official Beer At The Australian Open

Stella Artois is the new Official Beer, and Pure Blonde Organic Cider the new Official Cider for the ATP Cup and the Grand Slam of the Asia Pacific – Australian Open.


Heineken Takes Desperados To South Africa

Heineken has expanded the African footprint of Desperados with a launch in South Africa.


Makers Of Absolut And Jameson Accused Of Pressuring Staff To Drink Excessively During Work

One employee of spirit giant Pernod Ricard alleges she started to hallucinate from alcohol intake at work