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Simple Sprite Routines Ease Handheld Gaming Diy

Making your own handheld games is made much easier with [David Johnson-Davies?] simple sprite routines for the Adafruit PyBadge and PyGamer boards. Sprites can be thought of as small, fixed-s?


Bourbon Pursuit Podcast #254: Present And Future Of Jim Beam With Fred And Freddie Noe

The Bourbon Pursuit podcast team talks with the Noe family about current and future happenings at Jim Beam.


Bacardi Hotline Serves Advice To Home Cocktail Makers

Low-tech campaign will raise money for bartenders.


Coronavirus Creativity: Publicis Italy Nails It For Heineken

Publicis Italy has made a pretty good fist of Heineken - must be all that time they're spending on M...

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