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5 Drinks Every College Student Needs to Try Before They Graduate

College is about getting high grades while having a good time! So, as much as your parents want to make it academic exclusively, there are some opportunities that you cannot miss before you graduate. College means having fun, making new friends, hanging out with people that you barely know; so, it also means dressing cool and trying on new drinks! Denying that this is not part of college is like denying that LeBron isn’t one of the coolest basketball players in all history. 


Johnnie Walker Whisky To Become Available In Paper-based Bottle

?This bottle has the potential to be truly groundbreaking,? says Johnnie Walker owner Diageo


Black Tot Rum To Host 24h Online Educational Festival

Black Tot Rum has announced the lineup for its 24-hour online rum event featuring some of the industry?s biggest names.