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Why You Should Be Drinking Lemon Drops This Summer

Invented sometime in the 1970s, the Lemon Drop is a vodka-based cocktail invented by Norman Jay Hobday, the founder and proprietor of Henry Africa, a bar in the Russian Hill neighbourhood of San Francisco. Apart from this famous cocktail, this Vietnam vet turned saloon owner is also credited with opening the country’s first fern bar, a concept that mixed house plants and Tiffany lamps with throngs of upwardly mobile urbanites.


5 Best Coffee Burr Grinders of 2019

Why do you need a coffee grinder you ask? To release the oils from roasted beans that allow you to enjoy the maximum flavor of your cuppa joe. And the only way to get the best flavor out of your coffee beans is to buy the best coffee grinder in the market. Fortunately, we can help with that. 


Whiskey Review: Woodford Reserve Baccarat Edition

We review Woodford Reserve Baccarat Edition, a higher end version of Woodford Reserve that's finished in ex-XO cognac casks and bottled in a Baccarat crystal decanter.


Premature Twins Born Same Size As Bottle Of Fanta Allowed Home After Six Weeks In Intensive Care

TWINS born the size of Fanta bottles snuggle up at home after six weeks in intensive care. Elizabeth and Etta Kearns-Turner were born nine weeks early weighing just 2lbs 11oz and 2lbs 10oz respecti?