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Wine and beer can be used as compost

As unlikely as it is that you would have any beer or wine going to waste, if you did, it could be added to the compost.  Wine can also act as a compost “starter,” and spur the bacteria in the compost to get to work.  If you brew your own beer or make wine, the waste products from these processes can also be beneficial to the composting process.


Ask the Guru about Cocktails in Monrovia

Q: From Naomi C. in Pimville: I’ve been invited to Liberia to model some diamond jewelry. If taken to a nightclub, what should I order? A: The generic term for wine in Liberia is “Obikwa”, a


Ask the Guru about Macallan 1937

Q: From Paul M. in Hyde Park: I see Macallan 1937 whisky is on special at Makro for R90 000 a bottle. Is it a good buy? A: It’s a little known fact that there is vintage variation in the spirit


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